White Coffee

For people who cannot take caffeine, for who will get insomnia, irregular heartbeats and who will drink more than 5 cup of coffee per day.  Aromatic coffee taste with a little cocoa taste in it. Decaffeinated Instant coffee powder, caster sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer.


Durian White Coffee


For durian lover. Rich smoothy durian milky taste inside the coffee. Instant coffee powder, caster sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer, durian powder. The caffeine: 0.29% ( 87mg/cup ) and low sugar.

YY Tan
Sally Chong
SYZ Food & Beverage Industries Sdn Bhd was established since 2012 in Sungai Bakap, Penang. We began with OEM business and produced beverages like coffee, tea, chocolate, etc for other brands. Throughout the 8 years, we are the OEM company that manufactured more than 50 types of beverage sold in the market. We found out that most beverages in the market added processed flavorings in their ingredient when we were doing product research. This has made the founder decide to set a mission, to give consumers the most natural ingredient beverage product, and a new brand was born.
In 2018, we created YZS, we pronounce it as YES. Insisting in using Non-Flavorings, Pure Ingredients, and Low Sugar grades as our benchmark, and in order to let our consumers enjoy 100% natural ingredient made beverage, our R&D department continuously innovates and develop a variety of 3 in 1 beverage launched in the market.
Till today, YZS has launched the main starters of 3 in 1 white coffee in the market, such as [Decaffeinated White Coffee] that suits people that can't take caffeine, [Classic White Coffee] as the most "Malaysian" coffee, [Brown Sugar White Coffee] for people that wanted mild type coffee, [Low Acid White Coffee] for people that have gastric problems and [Durian White Coffee] joining the fruit that most Malaysian loved. The company will launch more natural and healthy drinks in the near future, let's stay tuned!